Chef Bart Denys

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“I want to see the smile of the tableguests on the students as well”

Queen Mathilde visiting the hotel school Ter Duinen, 2019, (Bart on the right)

Bart Denys (54) got his training at hotel school Ter Duinen. He graduated in 1987, then ran a private restaurant and worked as a chef for a while. For nine years he has been combining teaching with his B&B in his hometown, Heuvelland.

“We teach the students with their different characters to work together as one team, but of course we also do that as teachers. I consider ourselves professionals who all excel at something and who want to pass on their knowledge.”

“The hospitality industry is the most beautiful craft there is. We experience the big and small moments: a first date, a marriage proposal, a contract that has been signed, a loss, a warm reunion… As teachers, we can convey this passion to the students. I also want to see the same smile that I strive for from the dinner guests on my students. That gives me energy.”

Bart gives practical lessons to the first and seventh year students. “I see the youthful curiosity here developing into adult creativity, which is very nice to see. The hospitality sector had a difficult year, but I do not see the future of the sector in any way gloomy. Food connects: dining brings people together and they crave atmosphere and conviviality, because eating is a party. That will always be the case and that will always require staff.”

Article from KW, Wouter Verheecke, 8 October 2021

Cooking demonstrations

During the difficult Corona period I paid extra attention to the students with the help of cooking demos that I put together with my son. Below you can watch all the cooking demos I've made so far.

Fresh Pizza / Fish Creation / Orange Cake

Quiche / Summer Salad with Smoked Chicken / Vanilla Ice Cream

Chicken pie at its best

Vegetable soup of the day / chicken creation / white bread

Chocolate Biscuit, Vanilla Bavarois, Fresh Strawberry

Fresh Asparagus with Poached Egg / Flemish Stew with Apple

Meat dish with Steak & Hamburger